Yael de Haan

Yael de Haan is senior researcher at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and project leader of a new 4-year program at the school of journalism.

Yael analyses shifts in media practice in a changing media environment. Specifically she has done research on changing media ethics, shifts in media governance, shifts in the relationship media and politics, shifting educational practices and the use of visualizations in media. She led a research project on the production of news visualizations and how news consumers value news visualizations.

Renee van der Nat

Renée van der Nat is PHD student and teacher at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Renée focusses her PHD research on new storytelling practices in journalism, particularly where journalism, storytelling and technology intersect. She has worked on a research project on the production and reception of news visualizations, and is currently working on her PHD. She teaches both academic and journalism research to first-year journalism students.

Winny de Jong

Winny de Jong works as a data journalist for the Dutch national broadcast. With data-driven investigative reporting she tries to change the world for the better.

Winny likes to share her knowledge by projects like, by teaching on a regular basis, and blogging about her field of expertise at There she watches trends, tools and techniques. She shares the best of the web for data journalists in her weekly newsletter.