How to use this site

When you visit the website, you are greeted by the find a tool menu and a explanatory video. To make sure everyone can follow along, here’s a walk-through of the menu.

Instruction Datajournalism.Tools step 1

What do you want to do?
You’re looking for a data tool? You’ve come to the right place. Use the first step to select what you need the tool to do: do you want to collect, clean, analyse or visualise data?

If you’re not sure, just pick one; you can always change it later.

Instruction Datajournalism.Tools step 1

How much experience do you have?
Use the dropdown menu of the second step to let us know how much data journalism experience you have. If you have never analysed data before, that’s ok. Just select ‘no experience’. In case you have used a data tool or two, select ‘some experience’. And when you’re familiar with spreadsheets, select ‘a lot of experience’.

Know that in case of doubt, you can always change these settings.

Instruction DataJournalism.Tools step 3

What tools do you want to see first?
By default will order the tools by popularity. If you want to, you can change this order. Use the dropdown at step three to have the tools sorted in alphabetical order or by date added.